Santee River Delta Fishing Charters

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Fishing at Santee River Delta

Cedar Island splits the Santee River ten miles before it reaches the Atlantic. Its basin stretches as far west as Greenville, SC and as far north as Hickory, NC, creating the second largest river on the east coast. The flow of this river combined with the tide, creates two large deltas. Thousands of oyster beds, mud flats, and sand bars are hidden in this delta, creating perfect areas for large predators to wait. Tidal creeks, marshland, and small islands create the perfect environment for menhaden, mullet, and shrimp to thrive. With this amount of bait attracting large fish, your chances are high to hook into a Bull Red, Gator Trout, Doormat Flounder, or even a Megalops Atlanticus, better known as Tarpon!

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