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Porpoise Breaching Water

Georgetown Boat Tours

Nature preserves and reserves surrounding Georgetown, SC combine for over 150,000 acres of undeveloped coastline. The days are rare that you don’t run across a soaring Bald Eagle, an Osprey diving, sunbathing alligators, or a porpoise chasing Redfish onto a mudflat during one of our boat tours.

We offer island hopping, porpoise watching tours to the Georgetown lighthouse, and onboard seminars focusing on Georgetown’s history as well as the areas aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Santee Coastal Excursions can tailor our boat tours in any combination to create an unforgettable eco-experience.

Specialized birdwatching trips and photography boat tours are also available with proper notice.

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Historic Georgetwon

Historic Georgetown

Slowly being taken back by the marsh and swamp, remnants of Georgetown’s history are hidden throughout the county. Pictured here is a Storm Tower in the Santee Delta just south of Georgetown. These circular brick structures were built to shelter enslaved workers from a hurricane’s storm surge and gale force winds.

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